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20 Ways to Market Your Photography Business - Home PageClick Image To Visit SiteFinally revealed… how to transform yourself from "starving artist" to "successful photographer" in 3 life-changing steps. Even in a lousy economy like ours!

Marketing is the one essential ingredient that separates the $500-per-year photographer from the $50,000-per-year photographer? And this book will show you how to become part of the second group.

Invest in this groundbreaking Photography Marketing Magic™ for only $49… that’s less than 15 measly cents a day. That’s 221 pages of unique photography marketing knowledge collected in one easy-to-follow-system!

Dear Frustrated Photographer:

The average photographer makes something like $32,000 a year. That’s barely a liveable wage, these days.

Now, back in 2006, Tessa Jones would have been estatic to make that much money.

You see, she was an ambitious young photographer who—by working herself senseless for more than a year—managed to earn the astonishing sum of…

That’s right. Tessa was aggressively honing her photography skills but had still hit the big goose-egg.

But then she joined a local business networking group, where she met a marketing strategist who just happened to publish a popular photography newsletter.

And after meeting with him just twice at the local coffee shop…

Tessa Sold Over $4,400 of her Photography in the Next 3 Weeks!

And she’s just kept going from there. In the nearly 4 years since, Tessa has booked over 40 weddings (including one in Jamaica)… dozens of portrait sessions… a regular magazine cover shoot… several spicy boudoir sessions. The list goes on and on.

Now, as you can probably guess, I was that marketing strategist.

And it was during those first few meetings with Tessa that I got the inspiration to take everything I had taught in my photography newsletter and put it all in one book.

Over the next couple of years, my Photography Marketing Magic ™ system was born. It’s 34 chapters of…

Pure Information You Can Use Right Now—Today!

For instance, if you flip to page 116 you can check out the naughty "Girls, It’s Time to Get Naked" letter that Tessa sent out—which booked her more boudoir clients than she could even handle.

And if you check out page 170, you’ll learn why you should join your local networking group immediately … and how this group can exponentially expand your business.

And if you read page 56 you’ll learn how to quickly and easily raise your fees without sending your clients running for the hills.

Look, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing photography for 30 years or 30 minutes. This system will teach you valuable secrets like…

The critical mistake almost ALL photographers make that can be devastating to your bank account. Page 46

How to quickly become the go-to photographer in your specific niche. Page 178

8 things all successful photography websites have in common. Page 66

One expensive blunder that can deplete your advertising budget in a heartbeat. Page 217

Two fundamental questions you must answer before… Read more…