THE SEVEN ESSENTIAL CHANGES YOUR RESUME NEEDS  FOR YOU TO STAND OUT! - YourAmazingResume.comClick Image To Visit SiteConfident in her excellent qualifications and skills, she said goodbye to the job she had and good riddance to the boss who made her life miserable.

However, that job looked pretty good when, after one month…two months…three months, no serious job offers had come her way.

She drew down on savings, reluctantly canceled her gym membership, came up with excuses for not meeting her friends for dinner, and made choices she had never made before…such as deciding between two need-to-haves.

She began to doubt she had any skills and started to panic, wondering how long she could keep up the pretense to her family and friends and even herself that everything was – or would be – okay.

In fact, there was nothing wrong with Robin’s skills or experience. It never occurred to her that her own resume was sabotaging her chances of getting an interview.

I’m Jeff Kontur. As a past hiring manager for companies like Citibank and Laidlaw, I’ve looked at thousands of resumes over 8 years of having them submitted to me.

I’ve moved countless ones to the bottom of the pile, and some to the top…and after a while, I began to realize there were patterns to those movements.

When friends began to ask for help with their resumes, I took those patterns to help me make the changes that enabled those resumes to attract attention and keep it there.

Finally, I decided to put all that I had learned, all the tips, all the tricks, all the savvy into a 95-page course called Your Amazing Resume.

After I had pointed out to her the first major error, Robin got the book and went through it, cover to cover, to find the other six — and every last thing she was doing wrong — and to make those changes her resume needed in order to work for her, rather than against her, as it had been.

What I can promise is, if you follow the tips in Your Amazing Resume, your chances that a hiring manager’s eyes will stay on your resume and move it toward or to the top of the pile — will increase dramatically.

If you’re like most other job seekers, I can confidently say, without even looking at your resume, that you are making at least four of the top seven errors.

In Your Amazing Resume, I point out each and every one of them – and some “minor” ones as well – and tell you why you need to fix them and exactly how. I explain…

…the unintended messages you’re sending with your layout and 2 great tricks for evaluating it.

…the section on most resume templates that nearly everyone messes up — because it’s misnamed!

…and with every one of these, I explain how to turn it into a positive, so that what you have to offer connects with the person in the hiring position.

And there are strategies for new wrinkles in… Read more…