Fun Fairy Tales for Kids

Fun Fairy Tales for KidsClick Image To Visit SiteAttention Parents and Grandparents who are frantically trying to find a children’s book with a difference.

Are you feeling the pressure that you are not good enough because you are not doing the one hundred and one “right” things for your child?

Are you always looking for the “next best” thing and being afraid that if you don’t jump on the current bandwagon that you might miss out and your child will suffer for life?

"Few children learn to love books by themselves. Someone has to lure them into the wonderful world of the written word. Someone has to show them the way."

Children are precious little people, and like sponges they absorb everything they hear and see around them. If you are like me and thousands of parents around the world you will probably have spent countless hours worrying if you are giving your child the best in life.

Now you can do for your kids what we did for ours when they were very young. We decided to take action to ensure we raised them with a very sound set of life long morals. Morals we learnt from our parents as we were growing up such as: respect, kindness, family, friendship, acceptance of others and helping one another.

One of the ways we provided our kids with these morals was through STORY TELLING as well as READING and EXPLORING books as our parents did with us. A TRADITION we’ve carried on!

I know from experience this helped us provide our kids with the best in life as they have grown into fantastic young adults.

Where can I find an original and uniquely illustrated children’s book I can utilise in teaching my kids about a variety of morals?

Growing up on a farm in rural Australia, I remember Dad telling us stories about the bush and its animals and characters from his own imagination. All the characters had magical powers and embarked on numerous adventures while each story demonstrated strong morals and values. So when the grandchildren came along, we did not want them to miss out on the same experiences we had as kids listening to Dad’s stories. We persuaded him to write them down, which led to……

You to can now immerse yourself and your kids in the adventures of Tim the Magic Tree Limb as the characters explore the bush, meet new friends, embark on adventures and learn life long lessons, such as -

I read these books to my children and they loved them. Their favorite characters were the beetles and the funny antics they would get up to.To find a children’s book with friendships and everyone helping each other is refreshing. Tim The Magic Tree Limb is now a favorite bed time story. The kids also look forward to creating their own stories with Tim and his friends using the felt characters we made following the detailed instructions supplied in the bonus package. We have made all the characters… Read more…