Parenting Secrets – Good Life Skills For Kids 5-12

Parenting Secrets - Good Life Skills For Kids 5-12Click Image To Visit SiteI’ll reveal it in just a few moments. But I’ll tell you this… growing up is hard to do and children want you to learn this secret because it makes growing up much easier for them.

Just as you want to be a successful mom or dad, your children want to be successful too. Successful at being a kid, successful at growing up. They really do. But what do they know? After all, they’re the new kids on the block to this adventure called life.

"What is life all about and what do I need to know to navigate it successfully?"

Problem is, they don’t have the answers, and nobody is telling them, and they don’t know what questions to ask. What if you had just started a new job and found yourself in that predicament? So you ask, "What am I supposed to do?" and everyone shrugs, "Just walk around, you’ll figure it out…"

What would you do? Guess? Take a few stabs in the dark? Why not? Well, children do the same thing, they guess and start doing what comes "naturally." In other words, whatever they feel like doing. After all, if it comes natural, and feels good, it’s gotta be okay. Right?

Childish reasoning, but if it becomes their internal guideline it simply leads to a lot of bad behavior and the "my way is better than your way" attitude, and unfortunately, a lot of yelling and scolding.

Teaching them the overriding principles of life that we all live by, and the matching life skills that make it work, sheds light and understanding on their path, helps them make sense out of the world, which in turn helps them develop their personality, attitude and behavior more than any amount of yelling, scolding, pushing and prodding could ever do.

And it’s easier than you think, because once you learn the Secret a lot of the usual "normal" parenting problems will simply fade away.

"Your method is the only one that worked in getting my 2-1/2 yr. old to stop racing around the house, and I tried everything!" — Joseph M, Colorado (2-1/2 yr old son)

It’s not supposed to be a secret, so why is it? Just that somewhere in our world of high technology, higher learning and advanced science, it got lost in the shuffle.

So, I sat down and wrote the book I wish I had when I was a young mother because if I’d known then what I know now . . . how much easier it would have been for me. Now I want to pass it on to you, to shorten your learning curve. So please take a moment to get the information below.

If I can help you to avoid some of the stumbling blocks and pitfalls it will not only help you, but also your children who will be able to grow up with the kind of coaching and mentoring they need from you in order to blossom to their fullest… Read more…