Effective Teen Parenting Because Growing Up is Optional for Boys

Effective Teen Parenting Because Growing Up is Optional for BoysClick Image To Visit SiteTake the Struggle and Frustration out of Parenting Your Teenager. Issues like Technology Binging and (Lack of) Responsibility MADE EASY! It’s a Real Game-Changer!

This is a Unique Approach that Will Take The Confusion, Frustration and Worry Out of Parenting a Teenage Boy…. How to AVOID THE TRAPS AND Do Your Best Parenting Yet!!

You’re about to discover the secrets to raising happy and healthy young men. This is loaded with strategies and insights that you will not hear anywhere else;

To: All parents and adults in the life of a teenage boy. He deserves something special during the often challenging teenage years AND I know you want to avoid the unnecessary RISKS such as drugs, alcohol abuse, violence and depression (let alone the risk of passivity and under-achievement)!

Shows the why and the how of two important gifts a boy needs to become a healthy man, aware creative parenting and rites of passage. Practical, concise and full of creative wisdom drawn from Andy Roy’s years of experience working with men and boys. Healthy manhood is optional – It’s Time delivers the man-making tools our boys desperately need.

If you have ever worried or stressed about the many radical changes in your boy through his teen transition…

Or if you just want the very best for him and just know deep down there is a missing link in the chain here.

Or if you’re fed-up with settling for less and would prefer to feast on a banquet than nibble away at scraps… then I have good news for you:

…This will be the most important message you will ever read. Big Call? Maybe. Here’s why…

Rick and his wife Veronica had BIG problems with their 13 year old son Max. His behaviour was extreme and it was causing such grief in their family that no-one was having any fun… this was splitting up the family and life was a continual drama and challenge.

When they came to see us Rick said to me straight up ‘This is the last throw of the dice for us, we’ve tried EVERYTHING.’

He had got to a point in his life where he thought he’d grow old and lonely and have a son that doesn’t visit or even talk to him. He was devastated….

Veronica was very anxious and looked like she had already given up. Max’s frequent emotional episodes and stubborn refusal to participate at home was driving them nuts… then there was school. Being called into ‘the office’ many many times was embarrassing, exhausting and very worrying. Max was out-of-control and they were powerless to do anything about it.

So what happened next was simply beautiful. We put Max and his family through a process that challenged them all. Max tried his old tricks and his parents struggled not to buy-into the old dramas.

It was feverish and heavy. Max didn’t like this life at… Read more…