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- Kids Life Skill StoriesClick Image To Visit SiteMy children and their cousins love to pick the stories from the snappy titles, and keep asking me to read another one, and then another one… They have created ‘family-on-the-porch-time’!

I really want them to be considerate of others. The lesson is right in each story, so the children can’t help but think about it. The stories easily find a place in their memories. And because they are short, the younger ones can follow them easily.

Patricia Cieslar Mother of two children (aged 8 & 10 years) Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

I was so fed up with all the corrupt and immoral actions that so many traditional fairy tales trivialize and make acceptable … that I even stopped reading to my kid’s at bedtime – just because I didn’t want them to go to sleep with such nonsense as the last things on their minds’ each day.

Not only do my boys LOVE the stories, but the wonderful lessons they’ve learned from them are truly starting to show.

“It seems we only have a short window to have input into our kid’s characters … don’t miss it!”

If you are a parent who wants to have the smoothest possible character-development journey for your child, then this may be the most important letter you’ve ever read!

Coming from my nieces and nephews, this greeting never fails to make me melt! And I must admit I love the stories as much as they do! (Does anyone ever outgrow listening to a thrilling story? If you say ‘yes’ … I don’t believe it!)

They are “golden memories” … having a youngster pressing in close to you with wide, excited eyes, holding their breath in anticipation as you dramatize the words off the page … this definitely has to rank among the best of them! There’s nothing like chuckling and crying together over a good story.

I got to remembering … how I grew up with a mother who would share family stories around the dinner table most evenings – tales of Grandpa working as a bullock driver in the Australian bush … the interesting visitors who came to their farm … the colorful neighbors in the district … how she and Dad met!

At bed time, my parents would read me gripping true-to-life stories of people and their every day adventures.

The story books didn’t have many pictures … but I could see it all happening as the images cascaded through my mind – I could smell the bush, feel the wind on my face, taste the camp food, and imagine each of the characters in the story.

“My wife was the same … she too could remember the stories read to her as a child! It continues to amaze us just how powerful good stories are!”

There was always a vital message that went straight to my heart (even though I didn’t notice it at the time) – an ideal that I would want to have, or the character of a person that I… Read more…

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