Autism Symptoms

Autism SymptomsClick Image To Visit SiteAs you may know by now there is no disorder as confusing to comprehend or as complex to diagnose as autism. And, no disorder has more myths and misconceptions surrounding it than autism.

In fact, University of California scientists and clinicians all agree that the earlier an autistic child starts a program, the better the symptoms can be treated, yet for infants and toddlers an accurate diagnosis can take several years.

And, once diagnosed hopes get shattered … dreams get crushed … and what should be a joyous parenting experience becomes what feels like an eternity of confusion and pain.

Does my child really have autism? What will his or her future be like? How can I identify with what they are thinking and feeling? What can I do to enhance my autistic child’s future? What are the autistic signs, causes and symptoms?

These are only a handful of unanswered questions that might cross an autistic parent’s mind. How many questions would you like answered?

"Knowing more about my son’s disorder, the various treatments, and the numerous tips and training strategies have been a huge help. You have given me a glimpse through my son’s eyes and I’m sincerely grateful."

But before I reveal the facts, let me first tell you a bit about myself – and why, what I’m about to share with you is concise factual information.

Like most families we had no idea what to expect, no idea how much Justin could understand, or what we could do to ease his burden and eliminate his pain.

My brother (Justin’s father) was devastated – and my sister-in-law vowed to digest all the information she could about the autism disorder.

Problem was; most of the internet information my sister-in-law found wasn’t medical, but advice, opinions and words of support written by other parents.

She soon discovered that no "standard therapy" was being used to treat the symptoms, and that different doctors were prescribing different options, natural, medical and alternative.

She realized that many treatments were expensive, and most hadn’t even been fully researched; while others presented confusing and conflicting results.

And, without a reliable and trustworthy source of information, I watched my brother and sis get even more discouraged and depressed. Our family was in turmoil, and I wanted to help.

So I asked … How can I help? Did they need extra cash … different doctors … a support network … extra care provider help?

And, no offence to my sister-in-law, but I found a ton. It wasn’t easy, but I uncovered hard to find research about autism disorder and Aspergers Syndrome.

What I needed was an expert … a medical researcher who could comprehend and interpret the cornucopia of valuable information that I had gathered…

Someone who had access to the leading doctors, research scientists, and studies that I couldn’t reach.

So I hired one of the best, Dr. Karen Vieira PhD, a research scientist specialist with extensive experience and hands-on experience doing medical, nutritional and alternative research… Read more…