Connecting with My Daughter

Connecting with My DaughterClick Image To Visit SiteYou probably remember holding her for the first time; I’m guessing that she stole your heart in that instant.

Fast forward to today; your little girl is growing up. As you watch her enter the preteen/teen years, if you are like most parents, you feel some uncertainty. The world is a complicated place. Preteens and teens deal with some very adult issues. It can feel a bit frightening.

The vast majority of girls are frighteningly uncertain of themselves. The culture is happy to tell them what to strive for. Girls get the message they are to be pretty, thin, sexy, and popular above everything else.

97% of girls grow into young women who hate their bodies. Poor body-image is linked to low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and more.

If you’re like most parents, you could use a little help. What if you had a blueprint to show you how to parent her? What if you could give your daughter the guidance and knowledge she needs so she has the right skills and the confidence she needs to use those skills?

And what if you could, at the same time provide the necessary information that would help protect her from bullies, premature sexual activity, depression, eating disorders, cutting, etc.?

Would you sleep better at night knowing your daughter was prepared to manage the complex issues she will face every day?

You can provide the support and learning your daughter needs with this kit, Connecting with My Daughter.

“Amy took the fear out of parenting my teenage daughter. After listening to her Mothers and Daughters CD I feel excited and appreciative about the changes my daughter is going through. Our relationship is even closer and more open. Amy Sluss is skilled at taking complicated information, bringing it to life, and making it fun.” -Becky Duret

"I loved your Mothers and Daughters audio CD. Listening to it made me feel informed as a mom and so empowered. There are so many layers to being a girl; it helps me to hear you talking about some of the issues. And you gave me concrete actions that I can take to stay connected with my daughter. I’m determined to keep the lines of communication open between my almost-a-teen daughter and me. Thank you; I appreciate and honor you and your life’s work!" -Tina Wagner

"As a single Dad, I find myself in the position of being both the Dad and the Mom to my teenage and near-teenage daughters. The information that I learned from listening to this program was invaluable to me. I loved the interview-style format, and appreciated that the interviewer was a man who has experienced these challenging events with his own daughters. I found myself tearing up as I listened to certain topics in the program – it was not so much the content of the program but the feelings and memories that the program evoked that really hit home… Read more…