Auto Updater! – Get Best Software For Amazon Affiliate Program!

Auto Updater! - Get Best Software For Amazon Affiliate Program!Click Image To Visit SiteAuto Updater is a fresh advanced plugin in which the whole our experience merged in one point! Have a look at the comparison of these two Amazon marketing giants and our plugin:

1. “Adding new products each 6 hours” – when the weblink is placed for the first time, our plugin takes all the products from it and fills in your site in the needed category. Then our plugin is going to check your web link each 6 hours and update all products: it will add all new products that have appeared on Amazon and wipe out all not available products from your online shop. So the result is as follows: all products on your online stores are actual and in addition you always have a bunch of new fresh items that appeared on Amazon in last couple of hours.

2. “Adding products with ANY kind of sorting, filters, etc” – The ASIN Grabber functions have been added, so now you can add considerably more target products. As an example, you wish to add to your online shop all products from this webpage “Jewelry › Rings › 4 Stars & Up › $25 to $50 › Gemstones › 70% Off or More › Free Super Saver Shipping“. No trouble! Simply enter the web link you are interested in and our plugin will certainly collect all products from it. Detailed information is located at ASIN Grabber official web page.

3. “Checking products information in background each 6 hours” – all the information concerning products that are currently added to your websites is monitored by the plugin each 6 hours. So the result you get is that all products on your sites have verified and actual detailed information such as prices, ratings, reviews. Also all these actions are done in background and this allows to avoid server loads, it is really essential.

4. “Advanced Duplicate Checking” – in what way do other plugins process the duplicate products? They find out if the product has been already added to your website and if it’s true, they just do not add it. If you try to make 5 following categories “Top Rated“, “Best Sellers“, “Hot New Releases“, “Most Wished For” and “Gift Ideas” and add all the products from them to your online store, the result will be that one category will list 100 items, the second will get 80 items, the third category will display 60, the fourth will list 40 and so on, and the reason is that there is a great deal of duplicate goods in these categories. But we resolved this issue! Whenever the script finds out that the product is currently placed in any category on the website and it is still not added to your brand-new category, it won’t give rise to a duplicate, it will simply assign the already existing item to both categories instead! As a result, there will be no duplicates on your websites and all 5 categories will be fully-filled with all 100 items each!

5. “Advanced Tags Creation” – you may… Read more…

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