The Physique Formula – How To Get Your Ultimate Body

The Physique Formula - How To Get Your Ultimate BodyClick Image To Visit SiteWell if you’re like me and millions of other people out there who have suffered through harsh diet after harsh diet with little, if any, results to show for it, then you’re probably sick and tired of using low carb diet.

I truly appreciate your level of expertise and I’ve been benefited from or greatly on 2013 … this my before and after as a result! I started Jan 1, 2013 and I was referred to your program when I started prepping to compete … I literally used your meal 1-3 with shakes and supplements R ala, HCL, that recovery drink etc. So I’ll continue supporting because I’ll begin the process in a few months, first show June 8 celebrating my 20 years in the military I’m doing the Armed Forces Classic in NC! Thanks for everything! CPT Wilson

IFBB Bikini Pro Kelly Gonzalez Kelly suffered from the typical post contest metabolic damage,Jimmy helped her understand true body composition nutrition without starvation or extreme situations. His nutrition approach fits into any lifestyle, has increased my energy and has made it easier to “diet” and support her intense training.Her thyroid is back to normal-she stopped taking my meds after being diagnosed with hashimoto’s in 2011.Jimmy helped her meet her fitness goals while staying healthy. No pre-workouts or damaging sports supplements. Also, it’s been great to switch things up from the typical “bodybuilder diet.”

Just needed to give you a shout out and thank you! After many years in this fitness journey (starting in 1991) I was ready for some different, fresh ideas to add to my mix of eating skills and you saved the day! I have been reading your emails and updates for months and am so happy I made the decision to give you a holla. I’ve been enjoying my ‘freedom’ from the slave drive of eating and feel refreshed and energized with your options for food and simple supplementation. Thank you for tweaking my thoughts and helping me to see some new angles and twists on my nutrition plan! Even hubby has been enjoying some freedom from the ‘coffee’ pot and adding Ultima Replenisher to his water.. that’s a big step! Stay Fit, Love Life & God Bless U! Monica Brant 1998 IFBB Fitness Olympia Champion 2010 WBFF World’s Pro Figure Champion

I started working with Jimmy Smith in 2012. I immediately got great information and his coaching made my training and weight loss much easier. He is a genius. I’m a private coaching client, and that’s the only way to go. Having someone there to guide you is priceless. All the years I killed myself trying to make weight I thought that was the only way. My last couple of mma fights where easier to make weight than any other time in my career. I never felt like I was struggling with the diet either. I get to eat great food… Read more…

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