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Insight Speech Products

Insight Speech ProductsClick Image To Visit SiteParents and Therapists welcome to my site! I hope you will find some useful information- more to come- Thanks for allowing me to share this with you!! -Aileen Montag, M.A./CCC-SLP Speech therapists: Do you want to learn new ideas for stimulating the children you work with? Parents: Do you want to learn new ideas for improving your child’s speech and language skills?

Please note: information from this site, e-books, or any associated social media page/discussion is not intended to diagnose or treat any child, nor will all of these techniques work with all children. Information is provided for educational purposes only and is based on therapist’s best clinical judgement. It is recommended that parents consult their therapists/educators/physicians as the primary contacts for information pertaining to their particular child and that therapists use their best clinical judgement in interpretation of this information and consult their supervisors for best practice advice. Although all attempts are made regarding accuracy and content, Insight Speech does not make guarantees in this area and can not be held responsible for any outcome of using this information. Some of the links on this website may be from an affiliate program where commission is earned. The links that are posted are felt to be beneficial and useful or something that Insight speech has had personal experience with. No guarantee is made regarding content, validity, etc of these sites. Thank you so much for adhering to these guidelines! Read more…

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