Infertile couples who have been helped by Dr Judy Ford ez-fertility

Infertile couples who have been helped by Dr Judy Ford ez-fertilityClick Image To Visit SiteThese are all supplied through Clickbank who will honor our money-back guarantee. Clickbank takes payment through credit cards and Paypal. Unfortunately you need to purchase the items separately unless you decide to purchase ‘THE LOT’

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For either of these products, please complete THE FORM . This can be printed and posted to me ‘Dr Judy Ford, Po Box 210, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015 or Ask us to find other option

Dr Judy Ford helps couples through personal consultation. This can either be in person in Adelaide, by telephone anywhere in Australia or by email anywhere in the world. Apppointments are usually held on weekday evenings, or during the day on Fridays or Saturdays. All appointments are charged at $25 per 15 minutes or $25 per email. Payment is usually made by credit card at the end of the consultation.

For your own benefit it is most effective to complete the on-line personal evaluation before your consultation because Dr Ford can view all your answers and will have considered your problems before the consultation. Read more…