100+ Tips For Parents Raising Children From Birth Through Teens

100+ Tips For Parents Raising Children From Birth Through TeensClick Image To Visit SiteThe hardest part about being a parent is accepting the responsibility of being a GREAT parent, which includes understanding our weaknesses. Albert Bandura’s theory of modeling essentially states that the child will model the parent’s behavior. Want proof? 100% of my child clients had anger management issues and 100% of the time, the children modeled the behavior or either one or both of their parents! "Raising children is like making biscuits: it is as easy to raise a big batch as one, while you have your hands in the dough." – E W Howe

Below is an example of one of the mistakes regarding both parental and child negative behavior and its consequences. In this example, conflict resolution and social skills are also addressed. Additionally, you’ll receive the solution to these mistakes along with the benefits that the children will receive:

Let’s imagine you’re driving in the car and your three children in the back seat start arguing with each other. “He’s touching me!” “Am not!” “Are too!” “Mom, make them stop!” The easy answer is to yell, “KNOCK IT OFF!” but that won’t resolve the problem the next time it occurs. What are we modeling when we tell them to "KNOCK IT OFF!"? The message they’re receiving is, “If I get mad, I’ll yell to resolve the problem.” Each conflict is an opportunity for us to teach our children how to resolve their own problems. Let’s go back to the example. “Mom, make them stop!” Mom: “For the next 5 minutes, I want you all to be quiet and think about ways to solve this problem. If anyone speaks within the next 5 minutes, then the clock will reset for an additional 5 minutes.” Now the kids are all on the same playing field instead of playing against each other. They each received the same consequence for arguing and were asked to think of ways to resolve the problem. Each child will have to trust their siblings to remain quiet, or else they will all receive an additional 5 minutes. This helps to build teamwork, unity and trust. This also provides parents the opportunity to model the behavior they expect from their children.

We All Make Mistakes “To understand your parents’ love, you must raise children yourself.” Chinese Proverb Eventually, we all make mistakes as parents as we try to do our best raising our children. You’ll discover everyday mistakes we ALL tend to make as parents that will ultimately affect everything our children will do for the rest of their lives! This valuable parenting advice is gleaned from an experienced child & family therapist, covering over 100+ Parenting Mistakes and challenges. Some of the many topics include:

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