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Finally Your Road Map to the Best Playing Condition of Your Life with Short, Intense Sessions, Pitch and Gym Based

If you have spent hours in the gym or on mind-numbing treadmills or just still unsure of what you need to do to take your game to the next level then read on because this will be one of the most important letters you will ever read.

You all see the tackles, sure some of us feel them, as a coach we want our players to perform them. You see the bursting runs, the cute off-loads in the tackle, the dynamic rucks and strength in the mauls. You feel the power of the scrum and the line-out. Rugby fitness is the missing step. Do you know what it takes to achieve? I thought I did one time.

“I am the Fitness Trainer for the Fiji Rugby Team that Participated in the Rugby World Cup in France and narrowly lost to South Africa in the Quarters. Many thought we could and should have beaten South Africa, a testimony to the Fact that the team was able to score 17 unanswered points in the space of 10 minutes with 14 men. Thanks for your Get Fit for Rugby Manual. I have gained a lot from your emails and manual“”

“ John has tackled the progressive game of rugby head on. A thorough understanding of the modern physical demands and advancements in the optimal conditioning for performance has been long in coming.I have used advanced methods when working with elite rugby players with tremendous success, unfortunately at a time when a shift in paradigm surrounding rugby preparation was not overly welcome. With the pace and skill of the modern game being where it is, John’s work must now be seen as an imperative for rugby players and coaches at all levels. John’s experiences at the elite level, both playing and coaching makes this a critical resource for rugby fitness. Buy it read it and more importantly use it””

“ As a professional rugby player I am exposed to the demands of the game on a regular basis. Rugby requires speed, strength, stamina, flexibility and so much more. It is truly unique and with that respect requires a unique approach… provides that approach and I am pleased to see a strong emphasis on all of the above and more. The injury prehab and rehab strategies will keep me in the game for a long time a great resource for the modern day rugby player!”

“I am pleased with my progress 15.5 stones at start; I am now a lean13.13 stones and feeling very fit and quicker for 44 years, I am now the weight I was when playing first class rugby, but I feel fitter and stronger? I think it is because of… Read more…