Calm Powerful Parenting-like you’ve never heard before!

Calm Powerful Parenting-like you've never heard before!Click Image To Visit SiteParents, learn how to create an environment where your family can thrive. No more whining, tantrums, and disobedience. Learn how you can transform your home.

Whether your kids attend public school or are home-schooled, School Self-Government will help your child make the most of their education. (COMING SOON)

Business is hard enough without having to worry about employees doing what they are supposed to. Teaching Self-Government can fix this and more! (COMING SOON)

I’m going to ask you to pay a small amount for  "Calm Parenting-like you’ve never heard before!" Audio/eBook Course.  

This course contains information that all the other parenting courses out there are missing …information that has made the difference in all sorts of families’ lives all over the world!

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​I am offering you this course to combat these insidious negative changes to the family and empower you to have the joyful family you desire, one that is a place of safety, unity and happiness!

If you’re ready to invest a small amount in your family’s hapiness…then I think you will realize in less than 5 minutes from your purchase that it was one of the smartest investments you have made all year!  

14 years of experience, study and teaching have proven what I teach to be the “missing link” to true parenting success.

People were sitting on the floor and crowding into the doorway!  And hundreds of CD’s containing only SOME of the information I am offering to you today were snatched up so fast that people were begging for more!  

Everyone listening to my presentation intimately knew the problems in families today, but the solutions have eluded even the most influential people for years.

In fact, many country representatives insisted I give them my card and that we speak, as they need these solutions I am offering you today taught in their own countries!  

Just look at our society today, recently, here in the U.S., good outstanding citizens had their daughter sue them for financial support and college tuition, this after she was kicked out of her house for not following the rules her parents had laid out. School shootings, stabbings, kids into drugs and all sorts of things…we see it in the news every day!

I know what I teach works because after being a foster parent of some of the toughest teens, and then being on the BBC Show, the World’s Strictest Parents, I have studied, used, and taught the very best principles and skills that help all sorts of families be happy and united AND raise responsible, problem solving, respectful children and teens.

Families all over the world have been changed for the better by implementing even only a small part of what I am going to teach you…families in the United States, China, England… Read more…