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How to care for an aging parent - Total Parent CareClick Image To Visit SiteIntroducing TOTAL PARENT CARE A powerful resource for family caregivers on all stages of their journey…

A comprehensive electronic manual filled with valuable guidance to lead you every step of the way throughout all stages of care.

If you are one of the lucky ones who still has a parent living in their senior years, you will find this to be a very special time as well as a challenging one. The purpose of this book is to guide you step by step through the process of planning for your parents in their later years, allowing them to age with dignity. As our loved ones get older, there are numerous issues to consider. From in-home care to assisted living facilities, there are countless options available. While every situation is unique, the options are the same. Knowing what your options are is the key. We lead you to the information and tools that will enable you to make the right decisions for every stage of your parent’s care. Additional care will be needed when there is serious health condition or disability. The need for long-term care can arise suddenly, such as after a heart attack or stroke. Often it develops gradually as people get older and frail or as an illness or disability gets worse. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you have come to the right place. There are literally thousands of elder care websites, articles and books trying to sell you something. How do you decide where to turn? Total Parent Care brings it all together for you in one condensed yet comprehensive eBook. We left no stone unturned.

After reading Total Parent Care you will understand: – How to arrange a family meeting – How to discuss sensitive issues with your parent – How your parent is insured – The financial considerations of long-term care – How to save time, money and stress by planning ahead – What is involved with family caregiving – How to find and schedule help – How to find free or low cost services – Your parent’s after-death wishes – How to plan for all stages of care – How to determine your parent’s net worth – How to determine what type of care your parent wants and needs – The day-to-day duties of a family caregiver – How to hire outside help – How to utilize the resources available to the senior community – How to set up a support network – How to keep your parent happy and safe – What to look for in an assisted living facility or nursing home – How to prepare for the end

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