#1 Speed Training Program For Athletes of All Ages — AqSpeed Jump Higher Program

#1 Speed Training Program For Athletes of All Ages — AqSpeed Jump Higher ProgramClick Image To Visit Site3-minute exercises release untapped muscular energy to improve your jumping ability and make you a faster athlete.

Adding these workouts to your training conditions your jumping muscles for contraction speed in ways your other workouts are not capable of doing.

These exercises are safe and work for nearly any age group. They are used by College and High School basketball players as well as beginner youth as young 8 years of age – and anyone else of nearly any age.

Athletes and players using this training often see dramatic results in their jumping heights very quickly, even in the middle of basketball season… and even if they have been doing other training for some time.

Thousands across the world are using these exercises to condition their jumping muscles for quickness and strength with overwhelming success. Many are setting new personal records in the jumping ability.

The variable resistance properties of the band will isolate and condition your running muscles so they react with speed and quickness without adding bulk.

Apply isometrics with the resistance band to all of your running and kicking muscles and joint movements the way we will teach you, and you will become dramatically faster with stronger kicks.

I encourage all of my basketball players to use the Run Faster training. I have seen first hand the dramatic effects it has on my players speed. We didn’t have this in the NBA when I played. Thanks Dr. Van Such

“Well after just two weeks I gained 3 inches on my vert and have gone from one block a season to two a game, and from 2 rebounds a game to 6. I’m a shooting guard (6ft 2in, 28 years old). This the only product that works 100%. Thank you for your product actually working, thank you very much, it rocks.”

“Amazing, never thought it would work that well. Dealing with an hamstring injury before, i never thought it would work like that!”

I’m using them with the Jump Higher program and I’m having excellent results. I’ve added 5 inches to my standing vertical jump.”

“I wanna thank you for creating such an amazing program. I tried many jumping and running programs through the years to improve my running speed and my vertical height.

After 2 weeks with the vertical jump program I improved my running vertical with 1.57 Inches , my standing Vertical with 2.95 Inches and my running vertical with 2 legs with 1.93 Inches.

“Just a comment on how this program is working. In short, incredible. I bought this program because it is unique. Every other advertisement I read talked about: Plyometrics, strength etc.

My 15 year old daughter has been doing the exercises for 5 days. Last night she said she wanted to try to touch the ceiling, she hadn’t been able to do this before. Flat footed she jumped and touched the ceiling with ease. I told her to try it again and this time… Read more…