How to Have a Happy and Healthy Baby in 90 Days. — Natural Fertility Guide

How to Have a Happy and Healthy Baby in 90 Days. — Natural Fertility GuideClick Image To Visit SiteExperts agree: This is the most effective path to pregnancy. It’s the fastest way for couples to have children — without surgery or fertility drugs — even when it seems impossible. Whether you’re a man struggling to be a father… or a woman struggling to be a mother… read this short message carefully, and you’ll know exactly how to conceive within the next three months — guaranteed.

Fact: Male infertility is directly responsible for 40% of all infertility issues. It also contributes to an additional 20%. That means 6 out of 10 couples are unable to conceive because of the male.

Think about that for a minute. The vast majority of pregnancy problems stem from male infertility. Yet most women assume it’s their fault! Nothing can be further from the truth.

This misconception has led to a booming industry for female infertility cures. Assisted reproductive technology (such as IVF) and fertility drugs (such as clomid) are just two examples.

Chances are YOU fit into that 80% pool. Not only is treatment invasive and expensive, it is NOT even close to guaranteed.

Fact: In vitro fertilization (IVF) fails some 80% of the time. That means that most women try it more than once… at a price tag of $10,000+ each.

Then why is it recommended so often? Because it always has been. It’s a familiar solution that everybody knows, and even the medical establishment isn’t exempt from tradition. Sometimes, though, tradition blocks us from the right solution.

Fact: It takes, on average, 12 years for the latest fertility information to reach your doctor’s office.  Most fertility clinics are still using ideas from the early 2000’s.

Why? Big companies invest BILLIONS to develop fertility drugs and ART based on yesterday’s research. That means they have a billion reasons to keep things exactly the way they are.

And what happens when a better, faster, cheaper solution comes along? Let’s just say that most people won’t be hearing about it. It isn’t buried, but it isn’t promoted either. And this leads to a frustrating situation…

When you’re struggling to conceive, you don’t get the answer that’s right for you. You get the answer that’s parroted to every other couple, even if that answer isn’t the best one.

How could it? Think about it: Male infertility leads to 40-60% of all pregnancy problems, yet female infertility is given as the common answer. Assisted reproductive technology is inefficient and expensive, yet it’s given as the common answer. And there are 100% natural ways to bolster fertility — tested and proven — yet fertility drugs are given as the common answer.

Maybe you’ve tried the common answers and found no success. Maybe you know the frustration of wanting a child desperately…yet being buffeted over and over… and feeling that maybe it’ll never happen… maybe it’s just too late.

I know what that feels like. I felt the… Read more…