Pitching 365 A Year Long Program For The Serious Pitcher

Pitching 365 A Year Long Program For The Serious PitcherClick Image To Visit SiteThis program will help you become a better pitcher, throw harder, and keep you free from injury.

By following the daily workouts and keeping track day by day of what you are accomplishing, you will be able to see the results!

The benefit of using this program is that you will be using the same workouts that MLB pitchers are using today. If you plan to be one in the future, why not workout like one now?

This is the best pitching program on the internet, not only because of the information but it is by far the most affordable of it’s kind. This E-Program is downloadable as a .pdf file

I made the switch over to an E-Program for a few reasons. The first was because it would cut the cost drastically to you guys. Because I have made the switch to an E-Program, you guys are getting the same great program for less than half the price. The other reason I switched was because of shipping. I had one of these hard copy programs returned to sender and it was torn up, dirty, and looked like it had been in a war. Now, not only will we not have to worry about the post office handling the program, but you will be able to download it instantly to your computer without any shipping costs at all.

All you have to do is buy the E-Program and print it out. If you go to your local print shop (Staples, Office Max, etc) they will punch holes in it and bind it for you for like $2-$3.

Stretching Routines There are 3 stretching routines in this program. Each stretching routine is used at different times for different exercises/workouts. Every workout/exercise/action will be labeled with one of the stretching routines to make sure you are warmed up or cooled down properly for the day.

Weight Training There are 6 weight training routines that are broken down into 4 different seasons. The in-season workouts, post-season workouts, off-season workouts, and pre-season workouts. All of the workout routines include upper body weight training and lower body weight training.

Hip and Core Routines There are 4 hip and core routines that focus on strengthening and stretching the hips and the abs. This is where a lot of your power comes from in pitching and these routines will get you ready for the upcoming season and maintain your explosiveness throughout the year.

Conditioning There are many different long distance and sprint exercises that will be used as a balanced condition program which will tie into all of the other daily routines that you will be performing for maximum pitching success.

Speed and Agility Training Pitching is a very explosive movement in which speed and agility training play a big part. With the speed and agility exercises mixed into the program, you will maximize explosiveness on the mound which will translate into more velocity and… Read more…