The Flexible Periodization Method

The Flexible Periodization MethodClick Image To Visit SiteThe Flexible Periodization Method is the FIRST complete method of periodization, dedicated to MAXIMIZING results through a PROVEN 9-Step sequence to create truly INDIVIDUALIZED training programs.

"After reading a few books on the subject and browsing the internet I came across your book, which seemed to collaborate the majority of periodization ideas out there. After reading the first 2 sections I can say the book is truely helpful and full of exceptional ideas. I can see myself using a lot of the strategies in preparation for my own clients." Andy Thirlwell, BA Psychology IKFF, KBI, RKC (Kettlebell specialist) All American (University of Tennessee, Swimming) Former International Swimmer (Great Britain)

To be good at what we do we must master only four skills, CREATE, INSTRUCT, SUPERVISE and EVALUATE and refine training programs.

In a seminar in early 1999, a large number of the national coaches asked Team Danmark to hire a full time strength coach.

In Novemeber 1999 – one month after I completed University – I was hired by Team Danmark as their first full time strength coach to create highly individualized training programs for their novice as well as current Olympic athletes who

At that time I had already worked with world class triathletes, badminton players, figure skaters and national/international level volley ball/beach volleyball players.

However, I still remember my mentor Mikael Trolle, the national volleyball coach saying, “You only get one chance at this.”

Being a full time strength coach for Team Danmark had been my dream job since my second year in University (1992), eight years before the position existed.

Eight years earlier Tudor Bompa’s books had taught me about “PERIODization” – the division of a longer training cycle into different PERIODS, with different goals, structures and contents of the training program.

I had also studied the research that shows that training programs that follow the principles of periodization are MORE EFFECTIVE than “non-periodized training programs.

A truly effective PERIODization system must answer ALL the questions we, as strength coaches and personal trainers, need to ask when we create COMPLETELY individualized training programs.

I kept reading, applying and getting experience in the gym and gradually I realized that I was seeing a NEW system of PERIODization.

Bruce Lee said “Discard what is not useful. Learn from everybody. Be ready for everything.” – I could not agree more!

Therefore, The Flexible Periodization Method is the ONLY method that integrates the BEST of all other periodization systems – instead of wasting time with the archaic “which method is best discussion” – AND on top of that has added “nowhere-else-to-be-found” features.

Very much due to the above mentioned job description, The Flexible Periodization Method became the first complete system of periodization that is dedicated to the strategies needed to create completely INDIVIDUALIZED training programs./span

"The Flexible Periodization Method details advanced and holistic dimensions of periodization and presents a new, comprehensive and flexible system, that will guide the approach to periodization in the future. The Flexible Periodization Method… Read more…