Stay at Home Moms’ Survival Guide

Stay at Home Moms' Survival GuideClick Image To Visit SiteThe Stay-at-Home Moms Survival Guide systematically dismantles the job of motherhood and delivers reassurance that -

Every other job in the world comes with the basics in tow… training, supplies, staff, peers, breaks, acknowledgment and on yes, pay! Moms are given none of these tools, and are left forage on their own. It’s no wonder the job of being a mom can sometimes put, even the best among us, over the edge.

This guide looks at each of these obstacles which moms face head-on, providing guidance from the experts to be sure, but also tips from the "experts next door." These are the moms who actually live the advice they share, and know firsthand what you’re facing. It’s packed with humor, fresh ideas, and resources you can test-drive right away.

Aren’t there enough books about how to care for the baby, rejuvenate your marriage and cook healthy meals? It’s about time for a book that focuses on the needs of the mom, the ultimate caregiver.

This guide will comfort you with the practical solutions of a close friend and embolden you with the attitude of a Fortune 100 CEO. Pick up your set of tools and turn the liabilities into assets, in the business of motherhood!

The wisdom of this book is found among the many experts interviewed and the sound advice they provided.

It’s also revealed in the hundreds of moms interviewed, who provided real-world guidance, seldom found in a guide book!

The author pulled these sources together and has "survived and thrived" for eighteen years as the mother of two sons. 

She’s also written for over 60 parenting publications and provided leadership in her local moms group, "Moms’ Place".

It was during her tenure at Moms’ Place that the idea for this guide was born. She watched experts deliver meaningful advice, but in generalities, on issues moms care about.

Then she witnessed how other moms shared their own advice, tested in the trenches, and helped each other thrive in their "jobs" as moms.

"I like to work on my garden or read books that take me to other places. I sneak in a chapter or two with breakfast or lunch, mentally retreating to someplace else. My own ‘virtual respite’, so to speak." – Kim

"I run marathons. To me it means 4-5 hours with nobody asking me for juice, or a snack, or what’s for lunch. I can think and ponder and suffer with no interruptions.” – Ellen

"It was the night meetings of my moms’ group that really saved my sanity.  Just knowing that I had that locked-in time with no little voice constantly asking for my attention gave me the light at the end of the tunnel, on those days that I thought would never end." – Mria

"I go to the gym. It’s a place where there are adults only, I can listen to whatever I wish, and ‘sweating it out’ does wonders for my psyche." – Gina

"When my youngest entered preschool… Read more…

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