Pick The Gender of Your Baby – How To Determine The Gender of Your Baby

Pick The Gender of Your Baby - How To Determine The Gender of Your BabyClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve ever wished, begged or prayed for either a boy or a girl… especially if your next child is your last chance… then I know exactly how you feel.

As a mother, you love all of your children. But when you grow up dreaming of being a mom – you always DREAM of being a mom to your preferred gender. I sure did.

Did you dream of watching your boy play with toy trucks in the mud? Dream of watching him grow up in to a sweet, strong young man?

Or did you dream of sharing a precious bond with your daughter as you comb through her shiny hair? I know exactly how you feel. And I, too, felt the dull pain and fear of never having my dream child.

I even felt guilty after having my third child… because I was shaken to my core with depression after hearing "it’s a boy."

By complete luck my husband stumbled upon well-established, but little-known medical science that lets you choose your baby’s gender with a 94.8% success rate.

It’s CRAZY that more people don’t know about it. But as you’ll read there are people out there who prefer these secrets remain hidden.

My husband’s discovery came after being introduced to a "lost seminar." And as you’ll read in this important letter, it held the key to gender selection.

Why it’s possible to get pregnant tonight even if you don’t have sex… and haven’t had sex in days! (Page 5)

The special 24-hour window in your ovulation cycle that makes conceiving a boy highly likely. (Page 22)

Why Henry the 8th should have executed HIMSELF instead of his wife when she failed to give birth to a son. (Page 7)

The simple truths about pregnancy most people don’t know about – and as a result they have no control over their baby’s gender! (Pages 5-6)

Electric foods that carry a small but natural charge that help male sperm win the race to the egg. (Pages 11-12)

Feminine foods that are high in ________ and __________ will help you conceive a girl. There’s a full list on pages 12 and 13.

The Sad Truth: When a woman’s orgasm hurts your chances of choosing your baby’s gender. (Pages 19-20)

The chemical reason why simultaneous orgasms tend to result in more baby’s of THIS gender, as you’ll find on page 17.

Little known secrets of the ovulation cycle – master your cycle, time your conception and you may control your baby’s gender! (Page 21)

This invisible clue about your ovulation cycle is plain to see when you take your temperature! (Page 24)

1 in 5 women can actually FEEL when they’re ovulating. Page 29 will reveal if you’re one of them. (Page 29)

When all other signs fail, pages 31-34 reveal how to track your ovulation cycle with near 100% accuracy.

How the "pull-out" method can actually often lead to getting pregnant with… Read more…