Max Keylogger – Best Windows XP/Windows 7 Keylogger & Best Windows 8 Keylogger

Max Keylogger - Best Windows XP/Windows 7 Keylogger & Best Windows 8 KeyloggerClick Image To Visit SiteMax Keylogger allows you to record and monitor every activity happens on your computer and have it delivered to your email! Automatically stealthily record every IM chat, monitor every website visited and control it all so easily. No other PC monitor software gives you the security of knowing you’ll be able to collect every screenshot and every keystroke with just the click of a button.

Every keystroke from popular chat, online email and social sites is recorded. Including Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AIM,Skype and any more other programs.

Computer monitoring software: professional computer monitoring software; monitoring the computer you want to monitor comprehensively. Maxkeylogger Functional characteristics :

* Record keyboard input, including key logging of multiple languages, digitals and function keys.

* some websites or emails will be recorded (prompts: do not use the software for illegal purposes. In addition, the software will not monitor passwords of various chat tools and other sensitive passwords.)

* Meanwhile, the input time and window title will be recorded. You will experience convenience and clearness when checking keyboard input records.

* When you check monitoring information, the software can play monitoring pictures automatically.

* you don’t want your child or employees to open webpage, you can realize the function that all browsers cannot open this webpage only by inputting in prohibition function.

* Prohibit the software specified by you from running on the computer by inputting the name of master file of the software you prohibit. Maxkeylogger will prohibit the operation of this software automatically.

* Prohibit from using chatting software (realized through application black list function) to chat on line.

* Prohibit from using such browsers as IE, firefox and chrome to browse webpage (realized through application black list function)

* Prohibit from using various download softwares (such as bt software) for downloading (realized through application black list function)

* Prohibit from using task manager (prevent from illegal termination of running software), registry and control panel etc. (realized through application black list function)

* The software has the function of sending all monitoring information (keyboard input record, screen shot and active window record etc.) to the specified email, thus allowing you to use network monitoring easily.

* You can set up passwords of the software. Thus, people not knowing passwords cannot modify or delete the setting of the software.

Do you want to know what your kid/he/she chats with others on line? Do you want to know what your employees do on the computer? Let maxkeylogger help you.

File Size: 5.6 M Current Version: 4.0.1 Operating System: Windows XP, Vista/2000/2003/2008 Server , Windows 7, Windows 8 ( 32 & 64 bit ) Protection Against: protect your business. protect yourself know everything they do on your computer and protect your children form online dangers Read more…