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The Program-Split -Click Image To Visit SiteBefore I start to verbally vomit about secrets that can absolutely get me in a lot of trouble…  I would like you to do something for me, switch off your iPhone, mute your Android and lay down your Crackberry. I want you to get an crystal clear, undisturbed look, of what’s going on BEHIND THE SCENES, in the Health And Fitness Industry.  But I must warn you, some of the info below is going to shock you and maybe piss you off a bit.

Have you ever wondered why the majority of the population is still struggling with being overweight?

Even though we have had an significant increase of over 500,000 gym facilities and had a 44% increase of “Qualified Personal Trainers” in the last 10 years, according to the New York Times.

Did you also know that studies have shown that over 67% of people over the age of 30, will be diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure or some CHD risk factor that will eventually lead to heart disease?

Your average trainer and health club today are giving you.. what I call..  ”half solutions” about nutrition, irresistible late night cravings and back-breaking intensive workouts that ruin your joints and knees!!

Quite frankly, I used to train at one of the most well known prestigous gym facilities in America, I can’t reveal the name because of the Hush Hush lawsuit that is pending against them.  However, they loved my training style and my iron-clad blueprint so much, that less than 60 days of being employed, they promoted me from Personal Trainer to (drum roll please) Master Trainer!!

 I was super excited!!! Because I was being granted the unique opportunity to expose my, now very popular blueprint to millions of people around the world, who are stuck RIGHT NOW in the up/down weight loss see saw cycle, looking for a way out. And also teach other trainers how my blueprint will allow their clients to finally kick the diet to the curb and excel their results much faster without the suffering and soreness.

But I had a very disturbing wake up call! Taking that position was the Worst Decision of my Life!! After my first 0600 managment meeting, I left that room so outraged and so pissed off, words couldn’t explain how disgusted I was..

I have never seen such unethical immoral practices in my life!!! All to the client’s expense!! However, I’m about to spill the beans today,  you are going to read some stuff that is going to make your eyeballs pop!!  I was forced and almost threaten to keep my mouth shut for several weeks, but I couldn’t continue to watch everyday people like yourself riding in a boat with no captain and no direction.  So I did the next best thing.. I QUIT!! And exactly three weeks later, I wrote this article which  caused an uproar in the industry, and caused many health clubs and gym… Read more…