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Twin babies - TwinsClick Image To Visit SiteHI! My name’s Suzannah Peel and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you how to solve your problems with twins and make your life a lot easier!

“Fantastic. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before. I’ve looked at books on twins before and thought ‘how on earth am I ever going to have time to read it?’ This book solved the problem, I could go straight to the relevant section and pick up half a dozen useful tips in a few seconds”. Clare Harding , Kansas City, MO.

This book is a simple practical, pick-up-and-read guide. It’s a book to make your life with twins a joy and a little less of a relentless struggle. It’s a book filled with do’s, not don’ts. If you’re after a magic wand – and your name isn’t Julia Roberts – this is the nearest you’ll get!

“Thanks for saving my life! Twins: The Survival Guide is what it says it is. I don’t think I could have survived without it. Loads better than all those books that go on about stuff I haven’t got time to read about. Just quick useful tips. Buy it!” Valerie Maynard, Maine.

‘You’ve got your hands full’ – dealing with other people’s expectations of twins.

TWINS: THE SURVIVAL GUIDE EBOOK. Practical advice and strategies to make the early years with twins more fun.

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The tips in TWINS: THE SURVIVAL GUIDE EBOOK are all practical and all twin specific. I have kept to simple tools and tricks that simply work, and work for managing twins, not singletons. Many twins books, even those written by mothers of twins, slip back into the ‘singleton’ groove after a few chapters, describing problems and solutions applicable to any baby. This is not what this book is for. This is to help you solve the issues relevant to having twins – which, as you may well know by now, is a very, very different deal to having one baby, or even two or three one-at-a-time children close in age.

I too waded through those ‘early daze’ in a thick fog of sleeplessness….NOW I KNOW BETTER

“I found so many great ideas for saving my time and making my life easier. I’ve got a better relationship with my twins now. I’m getting more sleep and I have more time for them; and I learned that most parents of twins are just like me. I no longer feel such a failure”, Maria Chavez, San Diego, CA

Relax. There are plenty of things you can do to achieve this and the help you need is here in ‘Twins: The Survival Guide Ebook’. Because I don’t have to guess how you’re feeling, I’ve been there… Read more…