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The World’s Shortest Excel Book -

The World's Shortest Excel Book -Click Image To Visit SiteIf you’re a “words” person who feels uncomfortable with math or Excel, keep reading.  I’ve written an ebook just for you:  The World’s Shortest Excel Book.

Are you a “numbers” person or a “words” person?  If you’re a “words” person who feels uncomfortable with math or Excel, keep reading.  I’ve written an ebook just for you:  The World’s Shortest Excel Book.

You’re good with computers.  You can do almost anything in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.  But math isn’t a strength of yours; and you’d like to become better with Excel.  Wouldn’t it be nice if someone wrote a short ebook of practical Excel advice for people who’d rather write a term paper than build a budget?  You need The World’s Shortest Excel Book.

KISS (Keep It Super Simple) – I provide short e-books, a user’s forum, and personal training on the Internet regarding Excel.  People in over 40 countries have trusted me with teaching them Excel power techniques over the Internet with e-books and training.

My name is Richard Kraneis and I’ve decided to bring my Excel computer training to you, anywhere in the world. 

Whether you are a manager or a staff person, The World’s Shortest Excel Book is going to make you feel a whole lot better about using Excel.  And my ebook will solve some very real problems for you at work or home.

Have you ever felt uneasy at a budget meeting because you don’t know how the presenter calculated all the numbers?  Many people are afraid to ask questions in a budget meeting.  Chapter 1 of my ebook teaches you how to analyze formulas in a spreadsheet that you’ve never seen before.  It’s like taking an x-ray of an Excel spreadsheet.

Did you know that formulas that “seem” to work can still produce incorrect numbers?  At a very minimum, experts believe 20-40% of all spreadsheets have errors.  Chapter 3 shows you how a “good” formula can be horribly inaccurate.

This is date math folks.  “How old is the patient?”  “How overdue are these receivables?”  When Excel users have learned how to do date math, all of their spreadsheets seem more valuable.  It’s chapter 6 in my ebook.

A friend tells you about a mobile phone ap and you just have to have it.  My ebook will teach you some really wonderful stuff about pivot tables, =IF statements, 3D formulas, mind maps and more.  It’s not that tough to learn, you’ll save hours of time.  And, most likely, you’ll feel good about Excel and your new skills.

Let me be perfectly clear with you.  These are the best Excel techniques I know for making solid intermediate Excel users out of Excel beginners.  After teaching several thousand adults how to use Microsoft Excel in the Chicago, IL region, I put my favorite topics into my ebook.  It’s only 27 pages long… Read more…

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