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The Animal Flow Workout:  Official Site!  -Click Image To Visit SiteAnimal Flow® is at the top of everyone’s list for great new workouts and you’ve probably seen it somewhere already, including at Equinox Fitness Clubs throughout the US and UK:. Video Preview:

You can get the high-quality, digital video available for IMMEDIATE download for our super low price of just $39.99. And that’s not even all you’ll get! The video comes with written Sample Workouts as an additional FREE download (PDF), giving you SIX Animal Flow workouts you can do on your own. AND you get the SPECIAL BONUS VIDEO that includes the three new bonus moves and two more flows to learn! Want a hard copy DVD along with your download? After you purchase the on-line version, you’ll have the option to add on a DVD for just $9.99 plus shipping.

After studying multiple disciplines that use animal movements in their conditioning, Mike has fused elements of each style to form an easy-to-learn but incredibly powerful format. First, he walks you through the step-by-step instructions for mastering the movements; then he shows you how to put it all together. With Mike’s program, you’ll be putting together your own creative combo moves in no time!

Mike will be the first tell you that he isn’t the inventor of animal movement exercise – in fact, it’s just the opposite. Rather, he’s been a student of it, and bodyweight training in general, and is now sharing what he’s learned with others. His goal is to bring together all bodyweight enthusiasts in an attempt to build a tight community that supports and inspires each other. And animal movement training is a great way to do that!

“I’ve always been interested in non-traditional methods of exercise, but was inspired to seek out new ventures when I was just no longer feeling challenged in my day-to-day routine. So, I put down the dumbbells and began using my own bodyweight for strength training. I tried gymnastics classes, adding tumbling, acrobatics, and hand-balancing to my workout routine. I was so impressed with the results I was seeing in my body that I kept exploring more non-traditional disciplines like Parkour, Handbalancing, and Breakdancing. While each of these disciplines has its unique strengths, they also complement each other and share even more in common. Each uses bodyweight as its basis for building muscle and skills. I’ve been able to draw upon my expertise and personal experience to synthesize the best components of each into my own bodyweight training program. I’ve found that animal movements in particular translate really well into nearly every style of bodyweight training, and so it was natural that this would be my first DVD.” – Mike

Mike Fitch takes you through a step-by-step progression of easy-to-follow lessons. First, you’ll learn the essential animal forms. Although there are countless animal forms in all different disciplines of… Read more…