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Importing from Thailand / Thai imports / How to import from ThailandClick Image To Visit SiteMany Import Empire customers now travel to Thailand free and enjoy lavish vacations by bringing Thai imports back home! You can too! Every step is detailed in this popular eBook.

If you are interested in traveling to Thailand for free and making a profit on your trip – then this will be an important message for you – Here’s how you’ll be able to travel Thailand by working only a few hours per day . . .

You’ll be able to see the beautiful, ancient Buddhist temples that dot the cities and countryside. You’ll be able to explore the mystery and excitement that is Bangkok – the night-markets in ChiangMai, the off-the-beaten track shops and restaurants. You’ll see small family factories with thatched roofs and smiling workers. You’ll have lunchtime picnics with the owners and managers. You’ll meet painters, sculptors, and artisans of all sorts. You’ll discover unique Rainbow Tourmaline and other semi-precious and precious stones (for pennies on the dollar). . . Now you’ll do all of this (and more) while making money. In a moment, I’ll explain how. And although you’ll need to put in a bit of work – it’s not challenging or difficult – and it will leave you PLENTY of time to see and experience all of wonders of Thailand. Who knows – it might also be the beginning of a long and lucrative career in international business for you. This is a great lifestyle business. But before we go any further – here is what the business is NOT:

Folks have been making money like this since adventurers ventured out in caravans and ships. And this is your chance to be a modern-day Merchant Prince. Buying and selling hand-crafted goods from exotic Thailand is so much easier than it used to be. So if you’re looking for a hobby that pays for itself and lets you enjoy free trips to Thailand . . Or if you’re seeking career that lets you set your own hours and be your own boss while enjoying trips to Thailand . . . then my Thai import tutorial will be extremely interesting to you.

But I’m an entrepreneur and businessman at heart, so I was just as intrigued by the business opportunities that Thailand presented. . .

So I got started. On my first trip, everything I bought fit in my luggage. And it paid for my trip and then some. Next trip, I bought all sorts of amber jewelry, teak furniture, and other hand-crafted goods. It was a haphazard collection. Frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing all those years ago. I simply bought what caught my eye and brought it home with me.

Here’s what happened: within two weeks of my return to the United States – I sold ALL of my purchases (except a necklace I bought for my wife at the time) and managed to make an $800 profit on my trip to Thailand.

Over the next few years I… Read more…

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