The Skinny-Fat Solution by Anthony Mychal

The Skinny-Fat Solution by Anthony MychalClick Image To Visit SiteAnd in a way specific to skinny-fat syndrome. The Solution is designed to help you lose fat (muffin top, moobs) and build muscle in the areas skinny-fat dudes need it most: the upper chest, shoulders, and back — developing what I call “the halo” and “the wings.” (Essentially the fabled “X” physique.) But I’m getting ahead of myself. You’ll hear all about the philosophy inside. First, I have something you probably need to hear.

He wakes up to unknown food rations, unknown weather patterns, and unknown dangers. Yet he’s bold enough to handle his own life. His survival is his responsibility, and his responsibility alone.

He’s given food, given shelter, and given a safeguard from danger. He’s but a pawn, and not responsible for his life.

They’re made up of the same anatomical “stuff,” but each lives differently. Each has a different outlook and attitude.

Created from a combination of genetics and environment that spat out an ever-so unique skinny-fat build. Thin wrists. Chunky love handles. Moobs. No muscles. Narrow shoulders.

Perhaps lose the stubborn body fat? Perhaps build an “X” physique? Perhaps stop the stretch marks from further amassing?

You’re already at a crossroad. You’re skinny. You’re fat. Should you gain muscle? Should you lose fat? Does it matter what happens first? (Hint: Yes, it matters. And it matters more than you can you imagine.)

You need skinny-fat rules. Sure, you’re a hardgainer of muscle. But you’re an easy gainer of fat. Your body is unlike any other. Yet no one talks about it. Everyone ignores it. (Because they don’t know about it.)

You need something for a skinny-fat sufferer, that’s also created from the hands of a skinny-fat sufferer.

Someone that understands you. Someone that understands your cage. Someone that understands skinny-fat purgatory: turning one way to cut, losing all muscle (it’s hard enough to build as is); turning the other way to bulk, gaining nothing but fat. Someone that understands the need to build an “X” physique to combat years of living out of proportion.

Someone that knows the insanity of skinny-fat physiology, so that you don’t end up WORSE than you already are.

An unguided skinny-fat sufferer’s muscle building adventure will turn into fat gaining failure because extra calories are more likely to inflate fat cells. (This is called nutrient partitioning, something I’ll come back to soon.) You’re soon to sport a muffin top and a pair of arms not fit for a five year old.

Fat cells are nasty buggers. Once created, they take a while to “die.” They deflate. But they’re always sitting around. Hungry to be refilled. Yet if you try losing fat, you end up losing muscle. This is purgatory, and why skinny-fatness is the worst body type out there. (And why it needs special care.)

Gaining muscle is tough. You have standard… Read more…

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