Themedy – The Cure for the Common Theme

Themedy - The Cure for the Common ThemeClick Image To Visit Site"If you’re looking for high quality design, experience, and professionalism, then you’ve found your solution with Themedy. The Hodder bros. have a unique knack for delivering the looks you want with the functionality you need, and that’s why I consider them a premier provider of Thesis Skins."

It’s clear that they know what they are doing, and do an excellent job of offering aesthetically pleasing and well-built themes."

Our child themes (known as skins by Thesis users) are designs that support (and require) either Thesis from DIYThemes or Genesis from StudioPress. If you haven’t had any experience with child themes, they work just like your regular WordPress themes.

The one difference is instead of standing alone, they hook into another parent theme which provides the core functionality. Think of WordPress as the engine, Thesis or Genesis as the body and Themedy as the paint job. You get an incredible new design and keep all the power of an industry-leading framework.

Sound complicated? It’s not – installing is as simple as installing any regular theme or skin and can be accomplished with a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.

Our Thesis 2 skins work perfectly with your Thesis framework. Unleash the power of Thesis 2 with built in support for the skin editor, Thesis ColorScale technology and more. Our Thesis 2 skins can be easily installed with just a few clicks and are backed by incredible code & design!

If you’ve used an official child theme from StudioPress, then you know how our Genesis child themes work. Installing is as simple as installing any regular theme and can be accomplished with a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard. Our Genesis child themes are coded to the high standards you expect from Genesis!

Aside from some really awesome themes that are fantastic to use just as the guys from Themedy designed them, they’re also great as starting points to tweak or revamp to create a whole new look. What makes Themedy even better, is the attention they provide in their forum. That alone is priceless.

When someone new comes to me and asks for a site, all I have to do is ask which Themedy theme they want to start with and we customize from there. As a web developer, I can’t tell you what a time savings it is to have one install of code to maintain and upgrade. It also makes additions and customizations headache free.

My goal was to find a clean and elegant WordPress theme that allowed for easy customization to create a food blog and showcase my recipes. I am often asked now whether I have hired a professional to make my website for me. That question always makes me smile and feel grateful for finding Themedy.

What I find really stands out is that they provide their designs for two different frameworks – I am still impressed by this approach! Themedy support – whenever needed – was always top-notch. As a long-time Genesis developer I can really… Read more…