WPSubscribers – Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin – Triple your opt-in list instantly

WPSubscribers – Premium WordPress Subscription Plugin - Triple your opt-in list instantlyClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s like … you need one plugin for a popup, another plugin for a footer, and another plugin for exit redirection popups…just to make this all work!

Change the look (oops…did we mention the built-in custom templates?) … how often you want an optin to show up, when you want it to show up…and so much more…

Only with WPSubscribers, you can create unlimited number of subscribe forms include popup forms, footer bar forms, custom forms, exit popups… and each of them can has its own content and can be used separated at the same time.

This feature is extremely useful when your website targets multi topics with different types of visitors or has multiple landing-pages.

WPSubscribers could be used with any email service such as Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, GetResponse, Prosender, Emailaces, Turbo Autoresponders, Google FeedBurner… or your own service.

WPSubscribers is designed to work with all major web browsers today: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer…

Build a Popup Opt-in Form just a minute with WPSubscribers, which includes 11 unique design popup + 8 colors each.

This is also an intelligent feature that you can configure to show up only for new visitor or after a specific time…

However, you can use this feature to create your own popup to display not only Opt-in Form but also video clip, ads banner…

WPSubscribers allows you to create a dynamic footer bar on your website containing a subscription form. All of the footer bars are fully customized.

With WPSubscribers, you can easily create a Subscribe Form embed in your post, it might be displayed at the top, bottom or anywhere inside the post content.

This feature allows you to create multiple exit popups that appear when visitors try to close the page or go to another website.

Each popup can has its own content, URL to redirect and can be placed on all pages or a specific page of your website. This could be great to show an offer to your visitors or let’s them go to a subscribe page.

In addition of ability to create multiple forms, you can choose exactly which pages/posts/categories… to display popup, footer bar, exit popup… and their number of occurrences.

The plugin will auto disable all of the subscription forms whenever your visitors put in their information or using mobile device to keep your visitor’s smoothness.

They are all easy-to-use features that you can accomplish through our post metabox, sidebar widgets and an advanced admin option page.

WPSubscribers provides you flexible functions to create custom opt-in forms that can be placed anywhere on your website (post content, page content, sidebar widgets, header, footer…)

When enable, this feature of WPSubscribers will auto subscribe all of your new users to a mailing list when they register on your website.

WPSubscribers can create a Subscription Checkbox at your comment form that you can modify the label, set a default status of this checkbox is… Read more…