Serve Unlocked – Learn Tennis Serve Technique The Natural Way

Serve Unlocked - Learn Tennis Serve Technique The Natural WayClick Image To Visit SiteYou’re putting in so much effort, and you’re following all the technical instruction you learned online or from on-court coaching – yet your serve doesn’t go very fast.

Something is missing. The more you try to fix your serve, the more “locked” it gets – it has less power and less consistency.

What’s missing is knowing and feeling how your body transfers energy though the body in an effortless way…

What’s missing is knowing how to imagine the racquet path correctly, as it is fundamentally different than the racquet path when hitting a groundstroke or a volley…

Tomaz is the rare instructor who speaks clearly, teaches in digestible bites, and when he demonstrates the strokes you can see that he is both a teacher and a player.

There are no shortcuts, and he will not give you any – but if you are looking for a qualified instructor, Tomaz should be one of your “trusted advisors.”

Even though their level of play is so different, they share one commonality: very few of them have mastered the serve – since it’s such a complex stroke to teach.

Because the serve is so complex, many things can go wrong – and, as it turns out, many things do go wrong.

Just look around the courts and you’ll see that, while the forehands and backhands are relatively similar to the forehands and backhands of the pros, the club-level serves are not even close to the serves the pros produce.

In my work with players, I have discovered that teaching technique is only part of the solution. There’s something else that needs to be taught.

I even had the opportunity to present my serve teaching system at the Croatian National Coaches Conference in Umag, Croatia, in February 2013.

I recommend Serve Unlocked video course to every coach working with players of any level because everyone will learn something new on how to teach the serve in tennis.

It teaches your mind how to let go of the limitations and incorrect mental images you may have about the serve.

It also teaches your body with very simple drills how to generate effortless power by using the laws of physics and movements that you already posses but haven’t yet applied to the serve.

All the videos are in MP4 format, and you can download high quality or lower quality (smaller size) videos to your computer, tablet, or smartphone and use the instruction right there on court.

In the Technique section, you’ll learn the fundamentals of tennis serve technique with which I build the serves from scratch or use these fundamental serving drills to correct the most common mistakes of recreational and more serious tennis players.

In the Unlocking Your Mind section, we’ll look at the many mental locks you might have that prevent you from really letting go and swinging freely through the ball.

In the Unlocking Your Wrist section, I’ll show you drills specifically designed to… Read more…

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