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The Love SolutionClick Image To Visit SiteThe 27 Sutras for Dating Stunning Women will show you how to dominate the field of dating, and get the most beautiful and high-value women.

This free report will show you how to enhance your role as a man! You see the problem is that most online dating gurus and pick-up teachers are only focused on the short-term. They just want to get you dating and get you laid. But few are thinking of your long-term happiness and how you will succeed in your life beyond your dating years. By showing you how to become a stronger man I will help you maximize your success in dating and in Life!

*A yogi is a man who’s mission is to become God-realized, or self realized. Nate is a Kriyaban following the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

I was born in the back woods of Northern Minnesota. My parents got married because they were expecting me. Although they are good people, and I love them dearly, they were not properly mated, and wound up divorcing when I was six.

After my parents divorce, my sister and I were raised by my mother. We didn’t see my dad much when we were kids and both of us suffered from that. I’m not blaming anyone, but the situation wasn’t ideal, and if my work saves at least 1 kid from growing up in a divorced family, I have succeeded.

By my late twenties, I was carrying a lot of ignorance when I decided to get married. Had I known the information that I share with you in this guide, I would have made a better choice in spouse and would still be married. But if that had happened, you wouldn’t be benefiting from my experience. So in this regard, my pain is your gain!

After my wife left our home, I did get help to pull me through, but there were many times I woke up and went to bed in shock and disbelief. What’s more I’ll tell you that the bridge I drove over every day on the way to work took on a different meaning. Thankfully my faith in God and the realization that suicide is a serious spiritual crime kept me from becoming another bridge-jumper.

I now know now that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is for our benefit. My witnessing my parent’s divorce, and then going through my own, was so that I could learn what goes wrong in a marriage. My soul had to experience these two divorces so I could be motivated to teach others how to build long and successful marriages, one like my grandparents marriage—happy and healthy together for 65 years!

The mindset and philosophy in this free Dating Guide will help you tremendously, so that you can have a long and successful life and marriage too! Read more…