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Breaking the Sound Barriers, 9 Deaf Success Stories, Julie Postance, parents of deaf children, inside deaf culture, deaf books, deaf familyClick Image To Visit Site“Finally! An Inspiring, Easy to Read Book Jam-Packed with Proven Strategies, Insights and Gems Revealed by Other Parents of Deaf Children and Deaf Adults to Help You Raise a Happy, Thriving Deaf Child!”

“My name is Janet and I have a little boy, Hugh who is deaf. I read the book cover to cover and found it absolutely fantastic – very inspirational and very reassuring, full of lots of practical information which I’m sure will be invaluable to us as we progress along our journey. It has certainly been the ‘therapy’ I needed.”

GREAT NEWS FOR families of deaf and hard of hearing children, teachers of the deaf, audiologists, speech pathologists, newborn hearing screening professionals, early childhood educators and anyone who deals with children with hearing loss…

AT LAST! An inspiring new book containing 9 REAL LIFE interviews from parents of deaf and hard of hearing children AND highly successful deaf and hard of hearing adults.

Each Person in this book reveals their Own Personal Journey with Hearing Loss and how they dealt with even the most difficult barriers of being deaf in a hearing world.

Each Person in this book provides practical, hands on, proven strategies and tips to ensure that You and Your Deaf Child enjoy a happy, successful life!

From Julie Postance, author of Breaking the Sound Barriers: 9 deaf success stories, Melbourne, Australia

Have you been experiencing the effects of hearing loss on your child and your family for several years?

When your child was first diagnosed with hearing loss, it could quite possibly have been the most frightening, terrifying, daunting time of your life.

You see, more than 90% of deaf or hard of hearing children are born to hearing parents who have LITTLE or NO experience with hearing loss. For some parents, their deaf child may be the first deaf person they have ever met.

So many parents complain that following diagnosis, they are presented with a ‘showbag’ full of dry medical terminology and are sent home to ‘deal with’ the future. Many complain that in the blink of an eye, all the hopes and dreams they have held for that child disappear.

There are so many questions to answer. ‘Will my child ever lead a normal life?’, ‘Will my child attend a mainstream school?’, ‘What kind of school would be most suitable for my child’s needs?’, ‘Will my child have friends?’, ‘What language is best for my child – sign language or speech?’, ‘Will they be able to drive?’, ‘Will they get a good job?’ ‘Will they get married?’

Instead of support, many parents are greeted with a mass of confusing and contradictory information by professionals who are pushing different agendas. Some are saying, ‘Teach your child sign language. They need visual communication’ while others are saying, ‘Teach your child to speak. Signing will hinder their language development!’ No wonder they think they are going mad…

Bringing up a child who is hearing is a challenging enough. But raising a deaf child… Read more…