Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise – Your Best

Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise - Your BestClick Image To Visit SiteMoney not working the way you would like it to in your family? You need to… “Supercharge Your Family TODAY – Get the ‘Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise’ Method. What is Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise?

Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise is a method for working with your family on creating affluence for you as a family. It can be used by any family member including teens and young people. Make more money by making the right decisions. Learn and save.
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Home Schooling Guidebook – What Parents Need to Know

Home Schooling Guidebook - What Parents Need to KnowClick Image To Visit SiteDid you know that in 2007 about 1,508,000 students or 2.9% of school-age children were home schooled? (Source: National Center for Education Statistics)

Homeschooling is not a new concept – Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie, Benjamin Franklin, and our Founding Fathers were educated at home. Yet today it’s even better! With our computers and technically advanced equipment, homeschooling offers students a far more creative and stimulating way to learn.
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HomeClick Image To Visit SiteI remember an amazing day where I was watching children at my church while the parents were at the Sunday Ceremony. There was this little girl and she was very shy. She missed her mom and she was just sitting completely still with her head down. I quickly though back to what my parents had taught me in Proper Communication. So I sat down next to her and talked with her for a little while. During all this time I used my parent’s method to help her open up to me. At first she didn’t respond to me at all, but then something clicked. It was almost a miracle and what happened next was just remarkable to me! She stood up and then sat down right in my lap. She looked up at me and smiled. I was startled! To my surprise, after that she would share story after story with me!

I know that money isn’t all that easy to come by, but I still don’t want you to miss out on this! So I will take
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Your Guide to a Perfect

Your Guide to a Perfect Quinceanera-www.Planyourperfectquinceanera.comClick Image To Visit SiteI am the mother of six beautiful girls. Like you, I know that the most precious gift I could give each of my daughters was a beautiful quinceañera. A party that she will always remember. A quince that celebrates her Hispanic tradition and her religious faith. When my youngest daughter was 12, I began planning her quinceañera in our hometown of El Paso. Imagine my surprise when my husband told me we were moving to New Mexico. So much for planning ahead. I had to start all over with new places, new people, and our new church, which we adored! Rosa’s quinceañera was spectacular and I still remember it like yesterday. Mija has kept me proud all these years since then, graduating from medical school and recently getting married. You know I cried my eyes out when that beautiful woman, mi chiquita, walked down the aisle with the very same tiara she wore in the first quinceañera I ever planned.

Each of my precious daughters in turn had a wonderful quinceañera. And let me tell you, after six of them, I am the neighborhood expert now on quinceañeras. And not just my own neighborhood! All of my friends, family, their friends, and even people I don’t know are always asking me to help them plan their quinceañeras. I have done 100′s of quinceañeras now and really feel like I have 100′s of daughters, each as special as the beautiful girl it honored.
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Parential Alienation Syndrome

Parential Alienation SyndromeClick Image To Visit SitePublication #3 "Four Strategies that can be effective when a child has been bribed or manipulated into turning against one of the parents" 9 Pages, Immediate Download

PAS GUIDEBOOK 117 Pages Download File Format: Adobe Acrobat Reader compatible with all PCs & Macs) Download Time: 1-3 minutes
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Breaking the Sound Barriers, 9 Deaf Success Stories, Julie Postance, parents of deaf children, inside deaf culture, deaf books, deaf family

Breaking the Sound Barriers, 9 Deaf Success Stories, Julie Postance, parents of deaf children, inside deaf culture, deaf books, deaf familyClick Image To Visit Site“Finally! An Inspiring, Easy to Read Book Jam-Packed with Proven Strategies, Insights and Gems Revealed by Other Parents of Deaf Children and Deaf Adults to Help You Raise a Happy, Thriving Deaf Child!”

“My name is Janet and I have a little boy, Hugh who is deaf. I read the book cover to cover and found it absolutely fantastic – very inspirational and very reassuring, full of lots of practical information which I’m sure will be invaluable to us as we progress along our journey. It has certainly been the ‘therapy’ I needed.”
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Fractions ebook

Fractions ebookClick Image To Visit SiteIf you are a teacher, you absolutely need to use the illustrations given in this book to teach your students.

If you are a student, chances are that you have never seen the illustrations given in this book because many teachers think it is a waste of time. Do yourself a favor, get the book!
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The Love Solution

The Love SolutionClick Image To Visit SiteThe 27 Sutras for Dating Stunning Women will show you how to dominate the field of dating, and get the most beautiful and high-value women.

This free report will show you how to enhance your role as a man! You see the problem is that most online dating gurus and pick-up teachers are only focused on the short-term. They just want to get you dating and get you laid. But few are thinking of your long-term happiness and how you will succeed in your life beyond your dating years. By showing you how to become a stronger man I will help you maximize your success in dating and in Life!
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Life Hacks for Successful Relationships – Better Relationships through Home Cooking

Life Hacks for Successful Relationships – Better Relationships through Home CookingClick Image To Visit SiteI’ve been there before, the times where I struggled to keep my relationship afloat with my wife, Frida.

Do you have trouble breathing, relaxing, and sleeping because of all those fights with your loved ones?
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Birth: An Honest Guide to Natural, Epidural and Caesarean Choices by Sonia Killik

Birth: An Honest Guide to Natural, Epidural and Caesarean Choices by Sonia KillikClick Image To Visit SiteAuthor and mother Sonia Killik, urges and empowers expectant mothers to take back control of their bodies and their births. In a medicated world dominated by caesareans, interventions and impersonality, this step-by-step guide navigates the world of pregnancy and birth. It provides an in-depth account of all the options available to expectant women – from midwives and doulas, home and hospital births, and all the drugs and interventions in between – leaving the reader fully-equipped, knowledgeable and ready to take on nature’s biggest and most rewarding challenge – to bring a baby into this world.

By sharing her own personal experience of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, this book is an honest, empowering and highly readable guideline to childbirth Read more…